Caring for your brushes

Take care of your investment. With proper care, your makeup brushes will never lose their shape or fan out like an old toothbrush. Here are two different ways to clean them.

Wash with Soap

1. Squirt a small amount of mild hand soap or a shampoo in the palm of your hand.

2. Wet the brush bristles and swirl the brush vigorously in the soap to create lather.

3. Rinse out the brush bristles thoroughly. Repeat until water runs clear when rinsing (this means your brush is clean).

4. Reshape the bristles to their original form and let dry in an upright position over night. A blow dryer can be used to dry the brushes faster.

Wash with Professional Brush Cleaner

Professional brush-cleaning solutions can be purchased at any quality beauty supply store. Make sure to purchase the instant-drying solution.

NOTE: Some brush cleaners may contain carcinogenic ingredients. Double-check the ingredients before purchasing.

1. To clean your brushes, simply spray brush with cleaner until the bristles are dampened.

2. Wipe the brush head onto a paper towel or a regular, dark-color towel. Repeat until the brush wipes clean.

3. Allow the brushes to air out before using again to get rid of any strong odors from the cleaner.

NOTE: Do not use tissue to wipe off your brushes. This will leave white tissue pieces all over the bristles.