Premium Kabuki Brush

Handmade with natural capra hair tips, the Kabuki brush is designed exclusively for applying dry mineral foundation and dry mineral bronzer on the face and body. It's dense hair is luxuriously soft and keeps the minerals at the surface of the brush, allowing an even distribution. Because our Kabuki brush was designed by a pro, you can apply your makeup like a pro every time because it does the work for you.

Animals are never harmed, nor ever will be, in the making of our brushes. 


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"Amazing kabuki!"

December, 2017

‘‘This brush is amazing! I’ve had it for 5 years and I’m just now replacing it! If you clean it regularly and let it dry it will last so long! AND...No other brush applies pressed powder like this one, I’ve tried others! Well worth the money for me!

--Brandi Kirkbride